January, 2016

This website has been long in updating, and in a sense is a reflection of my current artistic mood.

Since my last exhibition in 2012, I have been involved in various projects for the Pestalozzi Programme, and these are taking quite a huge chunk of my time. The Pestalozzi Programme is the Council of Europe flagship programme for the professional development of teachers and education actors. It is exciting work at the forefront of educational practice, my other passion, and I am deeply committed to the vision and mission of the programme. Regretfully, clay has taken a backseat.  The random and sporadic visits to the studio have not resulted in much beyond playful clay animals, mostly cats, and other trinkets that are fairly popular at craft fairs in which I try to participate every now and then.

However, I will admit I am sorely missing all of it – the experimentation, the excitement, the fun, the balance inherent in the process.

There are various ideas that I want to look into. I know I want to pursue research in naked clay, or clay without glazes. I have always steered clear of trying to make any political statement with my work but I am more than ever inclined to explore how I can render some deep-seated beliefs in clay.

The clay beckons and I will probably have no option but to succumb to its call, again.