2008 – Contours, Fine Arts Museum, Valletta, Malta

The works in this exhibition evoke images of a landscape at once real and imagined, that is unblemished, serene, raw, wild yet contained in an apparent calm. Compositions in clay that allude to fields, cliffs, shorelines, rock formations and the occasional saltpan reminiscent of my first exhibition in 2006.

“I have been experimenting with the textural qualities that are intrinsic to the medium. A slab of dried clay, cracked, provides the starting point for one of my pieces, as do the leftovers from a previous work, sometimes completely dry and about to be recycled. It is very much like a game, one which I really enjoy playing and which I hope, I am good at. There are infinite possibilities and setting up my own studio last year, has provided me with the space I so badly needed to experiment”.